This Week: Don't Let Baby Watch "Snowflake". The Marshmallow Test. Mozart was not oppressed. Another rock and roll suicide. The cat-like tendencies of Jim Morrison. Every Segway ride is someone's first Segway ride. The Smashing Pumpkins "Thirty-Three", Justin's swan song. Heavy on the heavy news. Spicey can return to his bush. Justin is challenged to get all his news from Fox News (for one week)...Will he survive? Nathan acts out Kushner's testimony. Our hero, seriously, John McCain... Good vibes your way sir. What's in Michelle's closet, probably something nice :) Don't Go Pardoning Yourself. Positive news! Who knew? The Righteous Shaub. Boner coffee is out! Don Don is a good boy, but he might bring the whole thing down.

And more!

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