This Week: Noises that win favor world-wide. Taking out 2016's garbage. The Quest for Star Wars Starring Cubs Players and Dan Bolo. The French Plumber Saves Justin's Psyche. Sports Update! Misadventures at the Belk Bowl. The New Scent of Axe Body Spray. The Gamey Smell of Conquest. Horrors of the British East India Company. How to Make Grog. Russian Generals Love Coca-Cola. Author Candles and How They Really Smell.

Note: Justin here. Want to make sure it is known that I love Oscar Wilde. To quote The Smiths, "Keats and Yeats are on your side, but Wilde is on mine." That's from the song "Cemetery Gates", one of my favorites. Lovely sentiment, though I appreciate Keats and Yeats as well. Wilde was a wild genius and I love him.

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