EP 71 Classy As Fuck

This Week: What 111 Is to Nathan. Justin rolls a tear for Bing Bong. Nathan is Haggard Off the Back of his Nothing Week. The Mixing of Legal Records (Two Turntables and a Legal File). Semen Analogies... Most Don't Hold Up. Trump Wins the Grammy for Foreign Despotism Friendliness. Justin's Illogical Picks for All the Bowl Games. Nathan has a mouthful of olives and feta. Sandwiches are Exhausting. Nathan Was A Terrible Bartender. "Christmas Is Our Kryptonite", the new holiday hit from 3 Doors Down. Introducing Coca-Cola Zero Red. Cartoon Character Drug Habits. Jabberjaw: Reborn. The Truth About Scooby Doo.

And much, much more!

Thanks for listening!


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